A Heavy Duty Job for Home

My fiancee Mina and I through a lavish party at my house. We had a good time with all of our old friends, but things got all out of control. Some of our friends got so rowdy, that they trashed the house. My parents trusted me to take care of the house while they were gone, but I let them down. I wanted to make everything right. I decided that I would hire a cleaning service to help clean up the mess in my home. I researched professional cleaning services in Singapore.

My parents allowed me tp have the party at the summer home. They only required that I keep it clean and in top shape. They also did not want me to throw a wild party. I originally planned to have a small party, but my plans had changed. On the night of the party, my intended guests showed up to the occasion. Suddenly without warning, more guests arrived at the party. I was overwhelmed. Some of these people I did not even know. I assumed some of the were Mina’s friends from school.

They were very unruly. Some of them spilled soda on the carpets and left fingerprints on the walls. One of the guests left the tub on and it overflowed all over the bathroom floor. I immediately kicked everyone out of my party. The next day, my parents saw the mess. They were livid. I assured them that I would pay for the cleaning and any damages to the home. I wanted to take responsibility after ruining the house.

The cleaning crew that I hired did an excellent job. They removed all the debris and stains from the carpets. They were also able to clean up the water from the flooded bathroom as well. They were also affordable as well.

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