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I Wanted a Great Rate on Insurance

Moving residences can be very difficult, but it can also be extremely easy too, if handled the right way. Even before I moved, I had done my research on the area where I was moving to. Even before stepping foot into my new house, I knew which doctor and dentist I was going to use, and I had also done extensive research on different gulf coast insurance companies. I was going to need to switch my car insurance to a company in Florida, but I also wanted to look into renters insurance too.

I was just renting a house for a couple of years, but there was a chance that I would be hired on permanently. If that is the case, then I will start looking to buy a new house. (more…)

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Keep Your Employees Safe from Falls

I never spent much time thinking about roof edge demarcation until I had an employee fall off of a building. He almost died and of course I got sued. I own a roofing company and really I should have known this would be a problem. But up until about two months before the accident, we had only accepted jobs in residential areas working on privately owned homes. There are other techniques we use there to guarantee safety. Those same methods didn’t work when we started taking on jobs on industrial buildings such as warehouses.

With warehouses you simply must have some demarcation equipment that protects employees from tumbling over the edge. I didn’t think about this until the accident and after that happened I resolved to never allow this to happen again. (more…)

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Sending the Best Through the Training Process

Putting my employees through training for new managers was one of the best decisions I ever made. The training helps the managers learn what it means to be a leader and how to handle the other employees. When most people think of a manager, they think of someone dull who is just walking around, glancing at everything while the other employees work away. Being a good manager goes beyond that, as the manager has to solve problems on the job and make important decisions about how to make the best use of the employees that are there.

The latest employee to go through manager training did a complete 180 on his personality. It’s like the transformation of a nerd into a powerful superhero. (more…)

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Her Favorite Gift Was My Rug

When my grandmother turned 80 years old, we had a huge party for her at her house. Though she was more than twice as old as most of the guests, she was able to endure the long party better than some others. She is quite active and people are surprised she is 80 years old, as she doesn’t look it or act it. I wanted to get her something really special for this milestone birthday, and I knew just the gift. I had been looking at antique rugs in Melbourne for my own house, and I knew that she would appreciate one of the rugs for her own home.

My dining room is hardwood floor, and it looks really nice but was still missing something. (more…)

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The Perfect Workout Program for Me

When I started reading different T25 reviews, I actually felt that this was a workout program that I might be able to do on my own. I am a pretty busy person, but I was not willing to sacrifice my health over a lack of time. Instead, I just started looking for a program that would complement my time rather than interfere with it. I had heard about the T25 mainly because of the time involved, which is 25 minutes per day. That is something that I can easily do, especially in the privacy of my own home.

I just wanted to make sure that it was a program that I would be well suited for. I already get enough cardio with other things that I do, so I was happy to see that this was mostly about building muscle and losing a couple of unwanted pounds. I also read a good bit of information about the person who designed this program, and to say I am impressed with him would be an understatement. I knew that I was putting my fitness in the right hands, and that was all I needed to go ahead and purchase the program. (more…)

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Definitely Improved My Golf Game

Finding the best lob wedge is just a part of this crazy game we call golf. Golf, as everyone knows, seems like an easy game. There is a club, a ball, and a hole. Your job is to get the ball into the hole with as few swings as possible. It only takes playing the game once to realize how complex it actually is. There are so many variables at play, from the clubs you use to the course you are playing on to the effects of weather on your shots. Even your swing can hinder your game if it isn’t up to snuff.

I have an extremely poor swing that often finds me putting my ball into some difficult part of the course. If there is a sand trap on the course, you can bet my fall will end up in it. A group of trees just off the course? I’ll be over there trying to get the ball on the green at some point. That is where a lob wedge comes into play. You need this type of club to clear these various obstacles. They’re shaped in such a way as to elevate the ball to clear a hazard or other obstacle.

I needed an effective lob wedge because what I had wasn’t cutting it. I wasn’t getting the necessary lift. So I went online to see if I could find something better. Obviously, I knew I would find something better, but I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a new club. I’m not a professional golfer with pockets full of money. I did find a site that helped me compare the various clubs and all of them were priced well within my spending range. After using the club I bought from them, I can definitely say my game has improved greatly!

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My Weight Loss Took a Lot of Muscle with It

I have really let myself go and did not even realize it. I used to be tremendously stronger. The thing is that I have never been an athlete or incredibly strong, but I was very surprised at how much strength I have lost when I happened across a dumbbell I used to easily curl and could not curl it even once now. I have spent a few years at a sedentary job after surgery and weight loss. Well, I lost a lot of muscle too. I was in desperate need of help from a professional strength and conditioning coach to help me out.

There was no way I was doing any intense physical training right off the bat. (more…)

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Finding a Better Apartment That Costs the Same As Where We Were Living

We had lived at the same place for five years. Our apartment was okay when we moved in. When we moved there the carpeting was not new, and neither were any of the appliances. That was okay because the rent was good. The carpeting was looking really old after another five years, and the landlord would not do anything. On a whim I started looking at new Forestville MD apartments that were closer to where we worked, and I found a place that the rent was within just a few dollars of what we were paying. Plus, the place looked really nice.

We have the same days off, so my wife and I along with our young daughter took a ride over to see an apartment at Parkland Village Apartments. We were very impressed from the moment we saw the place. The grounds were kept nice, there was a playground and the apartment had large closets. (more…)

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When Medical Bills Are Too Much

I needed to employ the services of a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer recently due to unpaid medical bills. People make a lot of noise about how Obamacare has essentially saved the entire medical system and thus also protects the patient from being buried under a mountain of medical bills. That sounds great on paper, but in the real world it’s not working. My case is a prime example in that I couldn’t afford the insurance and wasn’t eligible for subsidies. The insurance was super expensive and the premiums were in the five figures. Sure enough I got hit with cancer.

Cancer doesn’t care about your bills. The treatments alone make you cry when you see how much they cost. The hospital and oncologist, bless their hearts, reduced the bills by a tremendous amount. My friends also helped out by organizing various dinners and such that raised some money. But I could barely work and the bills kept coming in. (more…)

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The Correct Way to Use P2P

The legality of free p2p file sharing software has always been in question, and the p2p networks (see; Piratebay) have been in the news again recently: when are they ever out of it! I have made my views known about those that make a fortune from us while breaking the law themselves with their drug-taking and other anti-social activities, but what exactly is the legal situation? Peer to peer file sharing is not illegal. That is fact! A few friends sharing files online between themselves is no more illegal than them swapping CDs or DVDs. Where the confusion arises is the scale. At what scale of sharing does it become illegal, rather than just people swapping their belongings. (more…)

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Started to Work on the New Roof

We have just now started working on the new project this week and it is going to be a huge test for me. It is not going to be easy to figure out the math on this, but we are going to have to find a really good deal on a new roof. We have started to talk with a half a dozen r roof repair in Brooklyn ny and some of them are obviously not that interested in the project. They can see that it is going to be a big problem and that we are looking to save a lot of money. Of course the big problem is how much it is going to be to get it done. (more…)

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Spying on a Mysterious Culprit

One of the neighborhood dogs had been coming in my yard and pooping in it. Every morning when I would wake up, I would go outside and see feces in random spots on my yard. I was infuriated that I had to pick up the feces of some dog because their irresponsible owner wouldn’t tell the dog not to do it. The only way I could put a stop to this was to catch the dog in the act. I signed up for ADT Security in Goldsby, because their system came with a series of cameras that I could use to record the dog.

Like always, the dog pooped in my yard, I looked through the footage that was recorded on the cameras and saw something interesting. There was a woman walking down the street with her dog on a leash. When she got to my house, she took the dog off the leash and pointed it toward my yard. The dog then went into the yard and started pooping. Once the dog was done, the woman reattached the leash and she and her dog continued walking. I didn’t recognize the woman or the dog, so I asked around. No one else in the neighborhood recognized them either.

One morning, I woke up early to confront the woman and her dog. I hid and waited for the woman and her dog to get to my house, and once they did, I jumped out and surprised them. When I questioned the woman as to why she was having her dog poop in my yard, she told me that she didn’t want the dog pooping in her yard and she didn’t think it would matter. I reported the woman to police and they fined her. Since that confrontation, I’ve never seen the dog or the woman again.

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The Pearl of the Carribean

Vue Sur Budva, Une Baie De Plage Mogren. Monténégro Banque D'Images ...My husband and I absolutely love our new home in Montenegro. My husband and I have loved to travel for our entire marriage. We got married over 32 years ago, and every year for our honeymoon we chose a different country to travel to. After a while, we decided that we were just going to start buying property in our favorite spots, and we have a realtor that always helps us find homes.

We love to travel to many different places all around the world, but our absolute favorite continent to travel to is Europe. My husband and I lived in France for about four years, and we had a wonderful life there. We decided to buy two different homes in France, and even though we do not stay there throughout the entire year, we go there at least on time a year.

My husband had to travel to Montenegro on business and he asked me if I wanted to accompany him. I decided that I would go since I had never traveled to Montenegro or Serbia before in my life. I was so surprised by the beauty of the country. Montenegro is called the pearl of the Caribbean, and it is very obvious to me why. The location of Montenegro is absolutely perfect, and my husband and I were able to stay in a villa right off the ocean. We decided that we loved Montenegro so much that we went ahead and bought property there. Now my husband and I travel to Montenegro about three times a year, and we are able to stay in our beautiful new home.

My husband and I have traveled all around the world many times, and we have seen many different countries, but we are very very happy that we were able to purchase our property in Montenegro, because it really is the pearl of the Caribbean.

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My Montenegro Real Estate Options

When I divorced my husband, I knew that I wanted a fresh start in every area of my life. I was given a very generous settlement, so I knew that I would be able to move far away and get the fresh beginning that I desperately craved. When I sat down and thought about it, I had planned to write a short list of places I would be happy settling in, but there was only one location that kept coming to mind. I had been to Montenegro a few times, and the memories always make me smile. I have always enjoyed living close to a beach, but that had been missing from my life for the last several years.

I decided to jump in feet first. I did an online search for real estate options in Montenegro. (more…)

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