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Spying on a Mysterious Culprit

One of the neighborhood dogs had been coming in my yard and pooping in it. Every morning when I would wake up, I would go outside and see feces in random spots on my yard. I was infuriated that I had to pick up the feces of some dog because their irresponsible owner wouldn’t tell the dog not to do it. The only way I could put a stop to this was to catch the dog in the act. I signed up for ADT Security in Goldsby, because their system came with a series of cameras that I could use to record the dog.

Like always, the dog pooped in my yard, I looked through the footage that was recorded on the cameras and saw something interesting. There was a woman walking down the street with her dog on a leash. When she got to my house, she took the dog off the leash and pointed it toward my yard. The dog then went into the yard and started pooping. Once the dog was done, the woman reattached the leash and she and her dog continued walking. I didn’t recognize the woman or the dog, so I asked around. No one else in the neighborhood recognized them either.

One morning, I woke up early to confront the woman and her dog. I hid and waited for the woman and her dog to get to my house, and once they did, I jumped out and surprised them. When I questioned the woman as to why she was having her dog poop in my yard, she told me that she didn’t want the dog pooping in her yard and she didn’t think it would matter. I reported the woman to police and they fined her. Since that confrontation, I’ve never seen the dog or the woman again.

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