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They Helped Me Navigate Facebook Ads

Thanks to a company called Algorhytm, I finally figured out a way to navigate the mystifying experience that is Facebook Ads. Anyone ever try to figure this service out? If you manage to avoid all the pitfalls and roadblocks they’ve set up, and can actually get your ads to run without getting them pulled for a thousand minor reasons, you can actually get to the point where you might make some money for your business. You could even possibly get some traffic through them! I know it sounds crazy, but it can happen. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

I spent months and months trying to get these things to work only to get a ban or a time out because I violated some archaic rule they decided to enforce today. (more…)

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A Fitness Facility That Rivals Local Gyms

I found this place by clicking on a community website and seeing some comments about a luxury apartment complex here in town that is an awesome place to live. I was intrigued because I had been knocking around the idea of getting out of my lease at my old apartment and wanted to find a better place to live. I recently got a promotion and a great raise at work and suddenly found myself awash in money. I knew I could afford to upgrade my living arrangements and take advantage of a luxury apartment complex. I had to do research first, however.

I have to say I was immediately impressed with the facilities. When I went over for a look see, I was even more impressed. (more…)

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

When I graduated from college, I moved back home with my parents so I could figure out what my next move was going to be. I really love the area where they live, and I knew that I would be lucky to be able to find a job here as well. It took me nearly a month of pounding the pavement, but I found a great job with a company that has an excellent reputation. I knew that I was going to have to look at apartments for rent in Kingsport TN next because my job was nearly 30 minutes from where my parents live, and I just did not want to be on the road that much nearly every single day.

I decided to look at apartments closest to where I work, which is how I found Country Shores. It is a really nice complex that is only a few minutes drive each way for me, plus they have a lot of amenities that I was looking forward to using. (more…)

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A Toothache and a Filling Changed My Approach in Keeping Dental Appointments

I brush and floss at least twice per day. I use a mouthwash at least twice a day too. However, I have been a little lacking in keeping my regular dental exams at my dentist in Aurora Colorado. That is entirely my fault. I even have insurance that covers the exam and the cleanings. I just put it off because, like so many other people, I am busy. I just did not put a priority on my dental care that included preventative checks.Well, now I wish I had been more diligent in keeping my semi-annual dental appointments for an exam and cleanings. I ended up with a toothache because of a cavity that was forming.

It started to bother me a little when I ate something sweet. Then it started to hurt when I was not eating. Then it went away, and it was not long before it came back with a vengeance. I had to make an emergency appointment with my dentist in Aurora Colorado as I was hurting quite a bit. I am very fortunate that a filling worked, and I did not need a root canal. (more…)

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How I Handle My Anxiety of Visiting the Dentist

I don’t like going to the dentist, but I don’t like toothaches and the thought of having an extraction even less. I schedule my next appointments before I leave the office, and I do not make excuses for not keeping one. I go and get my exams and cleanings done on time. I have a nice dentist. You can click here to see the office website of where I go. There are two dentists there. I am not a fan of drills, needles or pliers going anywhere near my mouth, so I practice excellent oral hygiene and keep up on protecting my teeth for the long term.

I have been through one root canal and one extraction followed by a dental implant. The procedures were not painful, but my anxiety was through the roof. Even though I did great through those two procedures, I am not wanting to go through a third. I had neglected my dental care before, and that is what lead to needing the root canal, the one extraction and dental implant and that was enough for me for a lifetime. Keeping up on my dental visits helps me to not need to experience the dental procedures that I am afraid of. (more…)

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Upgrade to a Luxury Home

Through one random selection of numbers, I was able to win a major lottery jackpot. The lottery changed my life for the better. Not only could I afford to have anything I wanted, but I could also finally move out of my old home and into something more luxurious. Finding a luxury home is as easy is realizing that the website is here, right in the front of any search engine. I found the website of a person who specializes in real estate for luxury property, and look at some of the listings featured on the website.

I’m a bit indecisive when it comes to making important decisions. I had a hard enough time deciding whether I should pick my own lottery numbers or let the machine pick them. When it came to deciding on the home I should buy, I was stumped, because there were so many good choices. I tried to narrow things down by thinking about what I didn’t want in my home, but that didn’t even work, because I wanted pretty much everything. (more…)

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