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I Needed a Spa Day Badly

I needed a day out of the house. My husband and my kids were about to drive me insane with all of their running around and asking me to do everything for them. I don’t get enough time for myself, so the perfect way for me to relax was to get to a spa. I looked for spas that offered manicure and pedicure services in Singapore, because I wanted to have a full body treatment, leaving nothing untouched. I wanted to feel like a new person when I came back from the spa. If I was going to tackle that household, I would need it.

The people in the spa have what I consider to be magical hands. (more…)

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A Heavy Duty Job for Home

My fiancee Mina and I through a lavish party at my house. We had a good time with all of our old friends, but things got all out of control. Some of our friends got so rowdy, that they trashed the house. My parents trusted me to take care of the house while they were gone, but I let them down. I wanted to make everything right. I decided that I would hire a cleaning service to help clean up the mess in my home. I researched professional cleaning services in Singapore.

My parents allowed me tp have the party at the summer home. They only required that I keep it clean and in top shape. (more…)

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They Cleaned My Mom’s Apartment

My mom fell ill about three months ago. I thought that it was going to be one of those illnesses that came and went pretty fast, but this one lingered on until we finally took her to the doctor. We got some bad news there, and I knew that it was time for her to move in with me so I could take care of her. She had no objections to this because it meant she would get to spend more time with her grandchildren too. I did a search for post tenancy cleaning in Singapore on my computer because we had a lot going on already. (more…)

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