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We Needed Vacant Apartments Cleaned

My husband is always the one who would take care of cleaning the apartments in the building that we manage. There are nearly 40 units, so it seems that at least a couple are available for rent every month since people often move on after graduating or getting married. He had a heart attack though and was put on light duty, which means only desk work, after he did come back. I knew that I did not have the stamina to clean myself so I decided to hire professional cleaning services in Singapore.

My husband and I are quite compatible when it comes to medical issues as I have asthma, and I get out of breath very easily. With both of us mainly handling the paperwork end of things, I knew we needed a strong young person cleaning any apartments that came up vacant. We always would clean them before letting anyone else come in and look at one, and we did not want to stop doing that practice. A clean apartment is just much easier to sell to a prospective tenant than one where it just seems stale. (more…)

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