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Think Again About Escort Services in Vegas!

My buddies and I were planning a Vegas birthday bash for one of our closest friends. He had been having a rough year and a vacation would be the best get away for him. Behind his back, we looked into a lot of what Vegas had to offer that was more specialized in the area. Things that we couldn’t get else where. We stumbled upon an ad for brunette escorts in Las Vegas.

We were a little uneducated and immediately turned away from the idea. Getting our buddy an escort? That seemed, well, wrong. He’s not married, but our idea of escorts was obviously not what an escort really does. One of our friends had researched the idea on his own. He had been an advocate for an escort making the weekend in Vegas both fun and exciting. He also felt that our buddy would really love it. We all got a text from him saying to meet him at his house and he laid out the idea.

The idea of an escort was still a little “Maybe not.. (more…)

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