Finding a Better Apartment That Costs the Same As Where We Were Living

We had lived at the same place for five years. Our apartment was okay when we moved in. When we moved there the carpeting was not new, and neither were any of the appliances. That was okay because the rent was good. The carpeting was looking really old after another five years, and the landlord would not do anything. On a whim I started looking at new Forestville MD apartments that were closer to where we worked, and I found a place that the rent was within just a few dollars of what we were paying. Plus, the place looked really nice.

We have the same days off, so my wife and I along with our young daughter took a ride over to see an apartment at Parkland Village Apartments. We were very impressed from the moment we saw the place. The grounds were kept nice, there was a playground and the apartment had large closets. We had a lot of stuff in plastic bins at our old place. The kitchen was a lot newer than our place, and the carpeting was new. One of the nicest things is that pets are allowed, so we could finally get a cat! Our little girl has been wanting a cat for a long time. It is all she asks for when someone asks her what kind of gift she would like for her birthday or the holidays.

I have no idea why we did not look for a new place earlier. I guess we just get used to the same old stuff and just do not think that our money can buy something better. We are not rich in that we can live wherever we want, but I am happy that there are other options out there for a place to live that cost the same as what we were paying.

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