How I Handle My Anxiety of Visiting the Dentist

I don’t like going to the dentist, but I don’t like toothaches and the thought of having an extraction even less. I schedule my next appointments before I leave the office, and I do not make excuses for not keeping one. I go and get my exams and cleanings done on time. I have a nice dentist. You can click here to see the office website of where I go. There are two dentists there. I am not a fan of drills, needles or pliers going anywhere near my mouth, so I practice excellent oral hygiene and keep up on protecting my teeth for the long term.

I have been through one root canal and one extraction followed by a dental implant. The procedures were not painful, but my anxiety was through the roof. Even though I did great through those two procedures, I am not wanting to go through a third. I had neglected my dental care before, and that is what lead to needing the root canal, the one extraction and dental implant and that was enough for me for a lifetime. Keeping up on my dental visits helps me to not need to experience the dental procedures that I am afraid of.

Here is the thing about being fearful of the dentist: If you do not go, then you will need extensive work by the time you are finally forced to go because of an abscess or something that needs emergency treatment. If you go right now, then you get your teeth fixed and then are okay after that. The regular exams are not that anxiety producing, and they certainly beat needing a needle and the pliers to come out. I shudder at the thought. I visit my dentist once every six months, and I brush and floss without fail at least twice per day. I use an antiseptic oral rinse, and I will call at the first sign of any issues. The worst I would need is a filling, and getting a filling is a whole lot easier on me that if a tooth had to come out. If you are afraid of the dentist, you know what I mean.

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