I Live the Cleaning of My Properties to the Professionals when a Tenant Moves out

I rent apartments, homes and condominiums. I also rent some commercial spaces under leases. I adjust the rent I receive to include a professional cleaning after a tenant moves out. No matter how clean the person is, I found that post tenancy cleaning for Singapore residents helps me be able to get new tenants in all that much faster. There is a huge difference between the cleanup a tenant who is leaving does and what a professional company accomplishes.

One of the key differences that I have noticed is attention to the smallest details. Getting the corners of the window glass cleaned and vacuuming carpeting in an even pattern all make a difference of the final look. Another key difference is that a clean place should not smell like anything. It should never smell of detergents or disinfectants. You don’t even want any type of air freshener scents in the air. That makes it seem to a new tenant like you are trying to cover up something. It is best to have no smell at all when you walk into a place to show a prospective tenant around.

When a tenant looks into the nooks and crannies, they should not find any hidden dirt. Drawers should be clean. It should be spotless behind appliances too. These details are important. Professional cleaning services take care of all these little details for me. When I got started in property investing and leasing, I did all the work myself. Now I build into the lease or rent the money needed to prepare a place for the next tenant. I only keep a security deposit if a previous tenant left the place dirty. However, even if they really cleaned a lot, I still hire the professional post tenancy cleaning for Singapore I have been using for a long time.

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