I Needed a Spa Day Badly

I needed a day out of the house. My husband and my kids were about to drive me insane with all of their running around and asking me to do everything for them. I don’t get enough time for myself, so the perfect way for me to relax was to get to a spa. I looked for spas that offered manicure and pedicure services in Singapore, because I wanted to have a full body treatment, leaving nothing untouched. I wanted to feel like a new person when I came back from the spa. If I was going to tackle that household, I would need it.

The people in the spa have what I consider to be magical hands. They worked my entire body from top to bottom. All of my stiff muscles, aching joints, and rough hands and feet were transformed. I felt, smooth, soft, and flexible that day. For every second that I was in the spa, I wanted to stay a little bit longer, because I knew that I would have to go back home eventually and face the reality that I’ve come to know. I didn’t want that euphoric state from the spa to stop, but nothing in life ever lasts forever.

When I came back home, I smelled a wonderful aroma as soon as I walked in the door. It was the smell of a home cooked meal. My husband had made a special candle light dinner for two. I forgot that he was such a good cook. The kids were in their room and they were well behaved. After dinner, my husband and I went upstairs, and he created a fragrant bubble bath just for us. I wasn’t sure what brought on the sudden change from my husband and the kids, but I was glad it happened.

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