Keep Your Employees Safe from Falls

I never spent much time thinking about roof edge demarcation until I had an employee fall off of a building. He almost died and of course I got sued. I own a roofing company and really I should have known this would be a problem. But up until about two months before the accident, we had only accepted jobs in residential areas working on privately owned homes. There are other techniques we use there to guarantee safety. Those same methods didn’t work when we started taking on jobs on industrial buildings such as warehouses.

With warehouses you simply must have some demarcation equipment that protects employees from tumbling over the edge. I didn’t think about this until the accident and after that happened I resolved to never allow this to happen again. That’s why I went online and looked for a company that sells safety equipment for my line of work. Sure enough I quickly found a firm that sells all sorts of equipment that protects roofers from falls. I quickly analyzed what they offered and ordered several pieces of equipment that I think should solve the problem. It’s easy to set up and it works.

Never again, I hope, will I have to deal with the horror of a severely injured employee. The lawsuit aside, I was mortified that he suffered such severe injuries because I didn’t take time to make sure the work site was safe. Now that we’re using the proper safety equipment, I can say that my employees feel a lot safer working on a site and they also appreciate that I learned my lesson and took the steps to make sure they won’t get hurt. I think they work harder for me now because they know I care about them enough to spend the money to protect them.

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