Living at New Futura is Great

If people would describe my husband and I, they would tell you that I am very social and love to shop and that he is hard working and loves his job. We complement each other very well, and it helps that we are best friends who love each other too. No matter what we are doing or looking for, we are so extremely compatible. That is why we both really liked New Futura the first time we saw it. We both liked it because of the location first off. It is not surrounded by a lot of other large buildings, and it seems almost secluded.

It is close to his office building, which is a huge plus for him. It is also close to the Orchard Shopping Belt, which is the huge plus for me. My husband works hard, and he wants me to enjoy life. It is something we both enjoy, so we decided to take a closer look at New Futura. I was excited as soon as I saw the layout. We don’t have children, but I still wanted a two bedroom condo so we could have overnight guests. The two bedroom units are nothing short of wonderful, and I knew that I would enjoy calling one of them home.

My husband is a fitness freak, so he liked all of the amenities there. He can wake up in the morning and go to the fitness center, then come home for a quick shower before work. When he gets home, there are so many options for him if he wants to do something active. There are always activities going on that he can do alone or with others. We can go to dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area or just have a nice quiet meal at home. We truly love living here and having all these choices!

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