My Montenegro Real Estate Options

When I divorced my husband, I knew that I wanted a fresh start in every area of my life. I was given a very generous settlement, so I knew that I would be able to move far away and get the fresh beginning that I desperately craved. When I sat down and thought about it, I had planned to write a short list of places I would be happy settling in, but there was only one location that kept coming to mind. I had been to Montenegro a few times, and the memories always make me smile. I have always enjoyed living close to a beach, but that had been missing from my life for the last several years.

I decided to jump in feet first. I did an online search for real estate options in Montenegro. I thought I might get lucky and find one that was within a short drive to the beach. Little did I know that my very first search would be the house that I would move heaven and earth to own. Situated right on the beach in Herceg Novi was a huge house that has 16 rooms. Though I only have two children, my extended family is quite huge and I knew that I would need a large place since I would always have guests.

The house has a total of 16 rooms which includes two kitchens, several rooms where family members can gather to do a number of things, and a patio that has the most magnificent view I have ever seen. I immediately put a bid on it, because I knew that it would not last long at all. The location is prime to not only the beach but the town as well, so I knew it would make a great vacation home for large families or even a weekend resort home for company executives. They will just have to find their own paradise, because this one now belongs to me.

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