My Weight Loss Took a Lot of Muscle with It

I have really let myself go and did not even realize it. I used to be tremendously stronger. The thing is that I have never been an athlete or incredibly strong, but I was very surprised at how much strength I have lost when I happened across a dumbbell I used to easily curl and could not curl it even once now. I have spent a few years at a sedentary job after surgery and weight loss. Well, I lost a lot of muscle too. I was in desperate need of help from a professional strength and conditioning coach to help me out.

There was no way I was doing any intense physical training right off the bat. I was not so bad off that I needed hospital-like physical rehabilitation, but I was in bad enough shape that I needed someone who could take into account how weak I have actually become. My upper body strength has really went downhill after losing over 100 pounds. I can walk and get up and down from sitting on the floor much easier, but I lost a lot of muscle in my body. My legs are still okay because they are not carrying all that extra weight. However, the weight loss was without any bodybuilding, and my metabolism catabolized a lot of muscle in trying to preserve the fat. That’s just how it works with major weight loss.

I needed the help of a really good strength and conditioning coach to get me exercising the right way to naturally rebuild muscle, and to recommend a diet that would be appropriate for my health conditions to build muscle and still be in line with what my doctor wants me to eat. I needed someone who could coordinate with my healthcare providers to help me with transforming my body back into a healthy tool I could use here to live out my dreams.

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