Sending the Best Through the Training Process

Putting my employees through training for new managers was one of the best decisions I ever made. The training helps the managers learn what it means to be a leader and how to handle the other employees. When most people think of a manager, they think of someone dull who is just walking around, glancing at everything while the other employees work away. Being a good manager goes beyond that, as the manager has to solve problems on the job and make important decisions about how to make the best use of the employees that are there.

The latest employee to go through manager training did a complete 180 on his personality. It’s like the transformation of a nerd into a powerful superhero. When he first went in, he was a shy and meek individual who would just keep to himself most of the time. The training really helped him break out of his shell and become a person who could openly communicate with others without hesitation. He has no problem getting his point across with a much more assertive tone than before and speaks clearly when he has demands that must be met.

Although it does cost money to put the employees through the training, I feel that it is worth the cost in the end. I get better employees who make great managers that can work for my company, which also creates a happy space for the employees that work below them. A positive work environment is key to getting the most from your employees, because when people feel as if they actually want to be at a job, they will give their best performance, which means more profit for me and for everyone else. The clients will keep coming and they will get satisfactory service each time they choose us.

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