Switching Was Worth the Savings

I was so happy when my husband and I finally paid off our house. It was not due to be paid off for another six years, so it was a major accomplishment for us. Once we did pay it off, I told him I wanted to look for the best home insurance in Florida because I just felt that we had been overpaying on our home insurance through the bank. Now that we were in the free and clear, we were able to go with a different company if we decided to.

I looked at quite a few and got some quotes from several of them. There was one in particular that I really liked, and it was not just because the quote was really good. I liked their customer service, which can make or break a relationship with any company that I do business with. If the customer service is not good, then I will look elsewhere. That is actually one of the reasons why I wanted to pay our house off as quickly as possible, because I had gotten upset with the bank. Since the insurance company had amazing customer service, it definitely took this company to the top of the list.

I would have placed it there even if the quoted premium price was slightly higher than some of the others, because that is how high I rate other aspects of a business. Thankfully though, their rates were among the best in the industry too, and it did not take us very long to switch between the two companies. We did not lose any coverage whatsoever, and our premiums have dropped a good bit. I am really glad that I did not waste any time in finding a new insurance company, because the savings are definitely worth it.

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