The Pearl of the Carribean

Vue Sur Budva, Une Baie De Plage Mogren. Monténégro Banque D'Images ...My husband and I absolutely love our new home in Montenegro. My husband and I have loved to travel for our entire marriage. We got married over 32 years ago, and every year for our honeymoon we chose a different country to travel to. After a while, we decided that we were just going to start buying property in our favorite spots, and we have a realtor that always helps us find homes.

We love to travel to many different places all around the world, but our absolute favorite continent to travel to is Europe. My husband and I lived in France for about four years, and we had a wonderful life there. We decided to buy two different homes in France, and even though we do not stay there throughout the entire year, we go there at least on time a year.

My husband had to travel to Montenegro on business and he asked me if I wanted to accompany him. I decided that I would go since I had never traveled to Montenegro or Serbia before in my life. I was so surprised by the beauty of the country. Montenegro is called the pearl of the Caribbean, and it is very obvious to me why. The location of Montenegro is absolutely perfect, and my husband and I were able to stay in a villa right off the ocean. We decided that we loved Montenegro so much that we went ahead and bought property there. Now my husband and I travel to Montenegro about three times a year, and we are able to stay in our beautiful new home.

My husband and I have traveled all around the world many times, and we have seen many different countries, but we are very very happy that we were able to purchase our property in Montenegro, because it really is the pearl of the Caribbean.

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