Think Again About Escort Services in Vegas!

My buddies and I were planning a Vegas birthday bash for one of our closest friends. He had been having a rough year and a vacation would be the best get away for him. Behind his back, we looked into a lot of what Vegas had to offer that was more specialized in the area. Things that we couldn’t get else where. We stumbled upon an ad for brunette escorts in Las Vegas.

We were a little uneducated and immediately turned away from the idea. Getting our buddy an escort? That seemed, well, wrong. He’s not married, but our idea of escorts was obviously not what an escort really does. One of our friends had researched the idea on his own. He had been an advocate for an escort making the weekend in Vegas both fun and exciting. He also felt that our buddy would really love it. We all got a text from him saying to meet him at his house and he laid out the idea.

The idea of an escort was still a little “Maybe not..” until he told us what an escort really does. She is basically an attractive woman that is a date (or someone who escorts you) to places that you are going to go. It came down to hiring a pretty woman to be his date for the night. Like I said, he’s had a rough time recently and this would be perfect way to pick his spirits up and give him a weekend he wouldn’t forgot. When we all agreed to the idea, the call was put in and the escort agency said that she’d meet us at the hotel we were staying at.

When we got to Vegas, our buddy was kind of in a bad mood. He was sad, kind of down, but this is why we were in Vegas! We wanted to lift his mood! He was a little taken aback by the escort, but she went over what her service was and he was into it after that. She really made sure that he was having a great time at bars and at the shows that we went too. He talked to her about his issues and she never once complained but reassured him everything would be fine, but to keep his mind off it since he was in Vegas.

By the end of the night, we were all having a great time! Having an escort was a great idea, not only did she really help liven the mood, she was also very knowledgeable about Vegas and helped us get into some really good shows. I don’t think I’ll ever go to Vegas again and not have an escort!

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