When Medical Bills Are Too Much

I needed to employ the services of a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer recently due to unpaid medical bills. People make a lot of noise about how Obamacare has essentially saved the entire medical system and thus also protects the patient from being buried under a mountain of medical bills. That sounds great on paper, but in the real world it’s not working. My case is a prime example in that I couldn’t afford the insurance and wasn’t eligible for subsidies. The insurance was super expensive and the premiums were in the five figures. Sure enough I got hit with cancer.

Cancer doesn’t care about your bills. The treatments alone make you cry when you see how much they cost. The hospital and oncologist, bless their hearts, reduced the bills by a tremendous amount. My friends also helped out by organizing various dinners and such that raised some money. But I could barely work and the bills kept coming in. I would get bills months after receiving a service, so long afterwards that I couldn’t remember what was what. I was buried under a mountain of debt and needed relief. I was worried about losing my personal assets and ending up on the street.

Fortunately I found a law firm who knew the ins and outs of bankruptcy law. A consultation and subsequent visits, where I brought in my financial statements and the bills, allowed them to do a thorough review of my situation and come up with a bankruptcy plan that would protect my assets while reducing my medical debt to zero. It’s hard enough to be engaged in a life or death struggle with disease without having to worry about finding more bills in your mail box. My attorney took care of everything and next week I’ll have been in remission for a whole year!

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