You Can’t Beat It for Business Shipping

I used to send all my kargo through the national post until I got sick of lost packages. Moreover, I got sick of hearing the customers complaining about the lost packages. Even worse was what the packages looked like when they were lost for some time but then magically turned up back at my business or at the customer’s place. I would see packages that looked like someone drove over them in a car or they were open and missing something inside. After putting up with this for some time, I resolved to find a private shipper to help me out.

I found a company online that works hard to make me and my customers happy. They have a program specifically for businesses and it is pretty no nonsense as far as I am concerned. You can talk with them if you are having problems and they are happy to go out of their way to help. We’ve had a few mix ups from time to time and I can get on the phone and talk to someone right away and the problem is always sorted out in a quick and efficient manner. This never happened with the national post.

They ship all over the place too, and I have yet to find a place in the area where they couldn’t deliver the package. They make it very easy to pay them for their services as well. I can set up the time and method through my computer and there has never been a problem. Their professional drivers are courteous and always on time and seem happy to be working for the company. I just can’t believe I stuck with my previous option for so long. I’ve saved so much time and money with the new company that I can’t believe I didn’t switch earlier.

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